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Box includes our Opal Series of Hot Tools which includes 1 Hot Comb, 1 Wand Curler with 3 pieces, 1 Blow Dryer, 1 Flat Iron, and 1 Crimping Iron

•Bling Rhinestone Wand curler comes with three heads to create different curl styles.

100-240 Volts. 85 Watts.

Two heating levels. Heats Up To 230 degrees Celsius, 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Heats up pretty quickly.

Includes On/Off button with adjustable Temperature Buttons.

•Glam bling hair dryer. 2000 Watts.

2 Speeds and 3 Heat Settings. Includes a Cool Setting Button.

Long Lasting DC Motor with removable lint filter.

Ceramic Tourmaline Air Outlet Grill

Includes 2 Concentrators and a Diffuser.

•Bling Rhinestone Crimping Iron. Tourmaline Ceramic Plates.

100-240 Volts, 85 Watts.

Heats Up To 82-230 degrees Celsius, 180-450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heats Up fast and Automatic Shut Off after 1 hour.

•Rhinestone Flat irons. Ceramic Titanium Plates.

110-240 Volts, 45 Watts

Heats Up To 120-480 degrees Fahrenheit.

Adjustable Temperature with 1 Inch Plates.

Heats Up Very Quickly

•Bling Hot Comb. Tourmaline Ceramic Comb

110-240 Volts 80 Watts

Heats up to 124-210 degrees Celsius, 255 - 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

Includes Temperature Control Adjustment.



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